Rita Brown is a Dorset landscape painter who creates contemporary abstract paintings from exploring the coast and land. Her work reflects the changing colours, field patterns created by man, seasons, weather and light on the surrounding land where she walks.
On her walks with her dogs, sketchbook and camera in hand, she takes inspiration from the growth and decay of plant life, the chalk and flint along the ancient pathways. There is evidence of this in her work: look closely and you may catch glimpse of a thin whispy line of an animal track, the marks and forms that describe fields and hedgerows, shapes of ancient settlements.
You will find her drawing on the beach at Kimmeridge, Eype or Charmouth gathering inspiraton from the amazing geology of the surfaces of the Jurassic coast.
Rita's process is intuitive and based on an emotional response to the experience of exploring. Her work is layered and scratched through that creates an archaeology of the painted surface. There is always something to new see in her painting that is not always obvious at first sight.The paintings can be open to interpretation although firmly rooted in the Dorset landscape. Intriguing.