Rita is a contemporary painter fascinated by the re-emerging of fossilised remains revealing themselves after millions of years embedded in the Earth's crust. Her inspiration comes from the subtle light reflected on the water, the textures of the eroded and scarred cliffs, ledges and rock formations along the Jurassic Coast.
Rita's new work is the embodiment of those observations, internalised and developed into abstract paintings.

'I do not paint what is already in existence. What is the point? I create something new, exciting and unexpected from experiencing the landscape.'

The interpretation of her subject is done in an intuitive way making discoveries during the process of painting and allowing a partnership between paint and artist to develop. It is an instinctive choice of materials that brings them together through alchemy.


After the period of formal art study at college, Rita spent many years teaching Art both in the U.K. and the Far East interspersed with periods of artistic development. This included study under the Indonesian masters Teguh Ostenrik and Irene Hong Kim Geok with tutelage under Daniel Green from America. Attendance at The Slade Summer Schools in London, La Salle in Singapore, the Nan Yang Fine Art Academy and the Italian landscape schools of Daedalo and Verrocchio.

Living and travelling in South East Asia, with a love of its cultural diversity, has had a significant influence on Rita's practice and way of working.

Rita is currently working from an open studio in Frampton, West Dorset, and has had award winning work exhibited both internationally in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and locally in Dorset and Hampshire.